Tyre Geek - Car Tyre Recommendation Engine

In a nutshell, Tyre Geek:

  • Recommends tyres for your vehicle based on real test data
  • Collects quotes from national online and local tyre fitters
  • Saves you hours spent researching the right tyres for your car
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars by finding you the best price

The best part? It's entirely free!

Buying Tyres Leaving You Frustrated?

In the market for new tyres but confused by all the jargon? Wondering how a set of 285/75R16s compares to a set of 265/65R17s?

Or wondering whether the Bridgestone Serenity Plus range is better than the Dunlop SP Sport FM800s?

Tyres are one of the most important purchases you'll make for your car, but the truth is, most of us have no idea how to choose one set of tyres from another.

Buying Tyres - The Old Way

The old way of buying car tyres involved going down to your local tyre fitter and asking them what tyres they recommend for your car.

They would recommend a particular product but you would have no idea:

  • How their recommendation compares to other tyres on the market
  • Whether their price is reasonable or not
  • Whether it's actually the best tyre for your vehicle (or simply what they have in stock)

Buying Tyres With Tyre Geek

Tyre Geek is a completely transparent tyre recommendation engine.

Tyre Geek not only recommends tyres for your vehicle, it shows you exactly how they compare to alternatives, based on real test data from the EU and the USA.

Not only does it recommend tyres for you, it does the leg work and gets prices from all national online retailers, and the local tyre fitters in your city.

Here's what's involved:

  1. Enter either your vehicle details (make & model) or your tyre size
  2. Enter your postcode (so we can find local tyre shops), and your email address
  3. Wait for an email from us with a recommended tyre product, plus a list of quotes from national online and local tyre fitters
  4. Choose the best quote and get a new set of rubber for your vehicle! Rest easy knowing you made the right choice for your car

Sound good? Let's get started: