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What Is The Minimum Tyre Tread Depth In Australia?

Are your car tyres roadworthy? Tyres play a vital role in your vehicle’s safety, providing traction and stability.

The Australian government has implemented specific regulations that dictate the minimum tread depth drivers must adhere to. Complying with these guidelines ensures your safety and that of others on the road.

Understanding Tyre Tread Depth

Tyre tread depth refers to the distance between the top surface of the tread rubber to the deepest grooves on the tyre. Adequate tread depth allows your tyres to effectively disperse water and maintain contact with the road, reducing the risk of skidding or hydroplaning.

In Australia, the minimum tread depth for passenger vehicle tyres is 1.5 millimetres across the entire circumference. This applies to all vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks,and trailers.

Government Specifications

The Department of Transport has provided detailed guidelines and resources on tyre safety.

They provide a pre-vehicle examination checklist that includes the minimum legal tread depth as an important criterion. These resources can help you understand the regulations and ensure compliance.

Importance of Maintaining Adequate Tread Depth

Having adequate tread depth is crucial to enhancing the overall safety of your vehicle by providing traction and grip on the road. This becomes particularly important when driving in adverse weather conditions or on slippery surfaces.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

To guarantee compliance with the minimum legal tread depth and maintain optimal safety, regular inspection and maintenance of your tyres are necessary. You can use a tread depth gauge or the built-in wear indicators on most modern tyres to check the tread.

If you find that the tread depth is close to or below the minimum legal requirement, replace your tyres promptly.


Knowing the minimum legal tyre tread depth in Australia is essential for every vehicle owner.

By adhering to these regulations, you can prioritise your own safety and contribute to a safer road environment for everyone. Remember to regularly inspect your tyres, replace them as needed, and stay compliant with the law to ensure the protection of yourself and others.

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