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Where Are Bridgestone Tyres Made?

Wondering where Bridgestone produces their world-renowned tyres?

Bridgestone, a leading tyre manufacturer, boasts an extensive network of production facilities across the globe.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the locations of its major factories, including those that produce tyres for the Australian market.


Bridgestone’s roots trace back to Japan, where the company was founded.

The company’s headquarters and primary factory are nestled in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, Japan.

In Tokyo, you’ll find the Bridgestone Technical Center, a hub of innovation and tyre technology research. It is here that Bridgestone engineers and researchers continually push the boundaries of tyre performance, developing cutting-edge materials and technologies.

United States

In addition to Japan, Bridgestone has a significant presence in the United States.

The company runs multiple manufacturing plants throughout the country. These facilities cater to the diverse demands of the American market, producing a wide range of tyres, from high-performance sports tyres to all-season and off-road variants.

Bridgestone’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every tyre that rolls off the production line in the United States.


Europe is another region where Bridgestone has a strong manufacturing presence. The company’s European factories are strategically located to serve the European market efficiently.

Bridgestone’s European facilities adhere to the same rigorous quality standards as their counterparts worldwide, ensuring that European drivers can enjoy the same level of performance and safety synonymous with the Bridgestone brand.

Bridgestone Tyres Production in Australia

Bridgestone formerly had a strong presence in Australia, with three manufacturing plants.

The Adelaide plant specialised in producing high-quality Bridgestone tyres tailored for the diverse Australian road conditions, utilising advanced technology.

There were also other facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne. Unfortunately, these factories have now either closed or no longer produce car tyres.

These days, Bridgestone tyres in Australia are most likely produced in one of their south-east Asian factories.


If you’re looking for reliable, high-performance tyres, Bridgestone is a brand that stands out. Their commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in every tyre they produce.

So, whether you’re driving in Tokyo or cruising down the highways of Australia, you can trust that Bridgestone tyres are crafted with precision and care to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

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