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Comparison of two tyre industry giants, Pirelli and Michelin

Pirelli vs Michelin - Which Is #1 In Australia?

Which tyre brand claims the top spot in Australia?

Pirelli and Michelin are two of the most renowned brands globally, catering to various driving needs and preferences. Originating from Italy and France, respectively, these brands have made their mark in the automotive industry

In this comparison, we delve into the aspects that distinguish Pirelli and Michelin, exploring their offerings across different tyre categories and helping you decide which might suit your driving needs best.

Budget Tyres

Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde

The Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde is designed with an emphasis on fuel efficiency and comfort.

It boasts commendable wet and dry traction, ensuring a secure grip in various road conditions. This tyre provides a balanced blend of performance and savings, making it suitable for urban commutes and everyday driving.

Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S is another tyre focused on fuel efficiency and comfort. With its reliable wet and dry traction, it delivers a smooth and economical ride.

This tyre stands as a testament to Michelin’s commitment to providing value without compromising performance.

High Performance Tyres

Pirelli P Zero

The Pirelli P Zero is engineered for high-performance vehicles, offering exceptional handling and grip.

It's designed to enhance cornering capabilities and responsiveness, providing drivers with a thrilling driving experience. This tyre is ideal for enthusiasts seeking ultimate performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4

Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4 caters to the demands of high-performance cars, boasting excellent handling and grip.

With a focus on precision and control, this tyre ensures a confident driving experience. Its advanced technology and design contribute to its reputation as a top-tier choice for sports car enthusiasts.

All Terrain Tyres

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season is tailored for all-weather performance, offering reliable traction on wet, dry, and snow-covered roads.

Its versatile design suits various terrains, making it suitable for drivers who encounter diverse weather conditions. This tyre strikes a balance between performance and adaptability.

Michelin Latitude Cross

Michelin’s Latitude Cross is engineered to excel in all-weather conditions, delivering dependable traction on wet, dry, and snowy surfaces.

Its durability and versatility make it a valuable choice for drivers seeking a tyre that can handle changing road conditions without compromising safety.

Mud Terrain Tyres

Pirelli Scorpion MTR

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is specifically crafted for off-road performance, providing exceptional traction in mud and sand.

Its robust design and specialised tread pattern make it well-suited for adventurous drivers who venture into challenging terrain. This tyre offers the grip needed to navigate through demanding off-road conditions.

Michelin LTX A/T2

Michelin’s LTX A/T2 is designed for off-road enthusiasts, offering solid traction in mud and sand.

With its rugged construction and innovative tread design, it provides a reliable grip that enhances the performance of trucks and SUVs in off-road settings. This tyre balances off-road capabilities with on-road comfort.


Michelin stands as the leading tyre brand in Australia, with Pirelli following closely behind.

Renowned for their exceptional quality and top-tier performance, both manufacturers have carved their names in the industry. Michelin, holding a slight advantage in market presence, remains the preferred choice

If you want tyres that will last a long time and grip really well on wet and snowy roads, go for Michelin. If you’re looking for tyres that give you really good control and performance, Pirelli is a good choice.

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