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Brand new car tyre with good tread depth

Tread Depth Of New Tyres In Australia - What Is It?

Thinking of buying new tyres for your car?

There are few things that will improve your driving experience more than a set of new tyres. The benefit that you are getting when replacing your tyres is much greater tread depth than you would have had on your old set.

But how much tread depth do new tyres have? Let’s find out!

What Is Tread Depth?

Tread depth refers to the vertical measurement from the bottom surface of a tyre to the top of the tread pattern.

New Tyre Tread Depth In Australia

When a tyre is brand new, it typically starts off with around 8mm of tread depth. However, there are no specific regulations in Australia governing how much tread a new tyre should have.

This initial depth of about 8mm allows for sufficient grip and traction, ensuring safe and comfortable driving conditions.

However, as you continue to use your tyres, the tread depth gradually decreases due to wear and tear.

The Department of Transport has set the legal minimum tread depth allowed on tyres at 1.5mm. It is important to regularly check your tyre’s tread depth to make sure it meets or exceeds this requirement.

New Tyres And Old Tyres Difference In Performance


New tyres with sufficient tread depth provide excellent traction on various road surfaces, enhancing control and stability.

In contrast, as tyres wear down over time, the reduced tread depth compromises their ability to grip, leading to decreased traction and potentially hazardous driving conditions.


New tyres offer responsive handling and precise steering, contributing to a smooth and comfortable ride. With their deeper tread, they can effectively channel water away from the tyre surface, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

On the other hand, old tyres with worn-out tread may result in reduced responsiveness and compromised handling, especially in wet conditions.

Braking Distance

New tyres typically have shorter braking distances due to their greater tread depth, enabling drivers to stop their vehicles more effectively.

As tyres wear down, the decreased tread depth leads to longer braking distances, which can significantly impact safety.


When it comes to choosing new tyres, tread depth is an important factor to keep in mind. You should select tyres that are suitable for your specific driving habits and the type of vehicle you own.

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