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How To Check Tyre Tread In Australia - Step By Step Guide

Have you ever considered the condition of your vehicle’s tyres and how it affects your safety on the road? The answer lies in the tread.

Tyre tread plays a crucial role in maintaining traction and grip, especially in wet or slippery conditions. In this step-by-step guide, we will explain how to check your tyre tread and why it’s important to do so regularly.

Minimum Tread Depth In Australia

In Australia, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.5 millimetres.

It is important to meet this requirement across the whole circumference of the tyre, from the base to the top of the tread blocks. Failing to comply with this requirement can result in fines and jeopardise your safety on the road.

How To Check Tyre Tread

The Coin Test

Take a 20 cent coin and insert it into the grooves of your tyre tread. If the coin fits deep enough into the tread so that the bill of the platypus is partly obscured, your tyres have sufficient tread depth.

If the tread does not reach the bill, it’s time to consider getting a fresh set of rubber!

The Tread Wear Indicator

Many modern tyres have built-in tread wear indicators, also known as wear bars. These indicators are small rubber bars located in the tyre’s grooves. If the tread is level with these bars or worn down to that level, it’s time for new tyres.

Tread Depth Gauge

A tread depth gauge is a handy tool designed specifically for measuring tyre tread depth. Simply place the gauge into the tread groove and read the measurement on the scale. Ensure the measurements meet or exceed the minimum tread depth requirement.

Tyre Tread Rules In Australia

In addition to the minimum tread depth requirement, there are other rules regarding tyre tread in Australia:

Uneven Wear

Tyres should not have any uneven wear patterns, such as excessive wear on one side or in the middle.


Check for cuts, bulges, or sidewall damage on your tyres, as they can compromise their integrity.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern should be clearly visible and not excessively worn or damaged.

Importance Of Checking Your Tread Often

Regularly checking your tyre tread is essential for several reasons:


Adequate tread depth ensures proper traction and grip, reducing the risk of skidding or losing control, especially in slippery or wet conditions.

By maintaining the minimum tread depth requirement, you avoid potential fines and penalties.

Longer Tyre Lifespan

Monitoring your tyre tread allows you to identify irregular wear patterns or issues early, extending the lifespan of your tyres.

Fuel Efficiency

Tyres with proper tread depth can improve fuel efficiency by providing optimal rolling resistance.


Checking your tyre tread regularly is a simple yet crucial task for your safety on the road. By following the guide provided in this article, you can ensure that your tyres meet the minimum tread depth requirements in Australia.

Remember, a small investment of your time can go a long way in preventing accidents and maintaining your vehicle’s performance.

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