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Australian Made Tyres - Are There Any Left?

Wondered about the origin of the tyres on your vehicle? Are they crafted in some far-off factory, or can you proudly say that they are Australian made?

In a world dominated by international brands, the question arises: Do Australian-made tyres still exist?

Are There Any Australian-Made Tyres Left?

In a strict sense, there are no tyres currently manufactured in Australia. The tyre manufacturing landscape has shifted to international facilities, primarily due to economic and logistical factors.

As of 2023, there are no major tyre manufacturers still operating in Australia.

The Last Australian-Made Tyres

If you’re wondering by who and when the last set of tyres was made in Australia, the answer is Bridgestone in 2010.

Bridgestone, a renowned global tyre manufacturer, produced their last batch of tyres at their facility in Adelaide, South Australia.

This marked the end of an era for Australian-made tyres, as Bridgestone ceased production in the country, focusing instead on their international operations.

Australian Companies Manufacturing Tyres Abroad

While Australian-based tyre manufacturing may have ceased, there are still a few Australian companies with a unique approach to the industry.

One such company is Monsta Tyres, which, while not manufacturing in Australia, specialises in designing and engineering 4x4 tyres.

Monsta Tyres has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality tyres designed to tackle the diverse terrains of the Australian outback. They collaborate with manufacturing facilities in other countries, notably China, to bring their tyre designs to life.

Although the production isn’t on Australian soil, the commitment to designing tyres suited for the Australian landscape remains intact.


Many consumers still value products with an Australian connection, as they associate them with quality and durability.

Australian-designed and engineered tyres, even when manufactured abroad, continue to hold a special place in the market.

Remember, when considering your next set of tyres, it’s not just about where they’re made; it’s about the quality, performance, and reliability they offer on your adventures across the beautiful landscapes of Australia.

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