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A close-up view of a tyre date stamp imprinted on the tyre sidewall

How To Read A Tyre Date Stamp? What Do The Numbers Mean?

Curious about how to interpret the numbers imprinted on your tyre?

As a responsible driver, you need to be aware of the age of your tyres by decoding their date stamp. Tyre date stamps will help you determine your tyre’s manufacturing date, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding their usage.

Now, let’s learn how to read a tyre date stamp.

Tyre Manufacturing Date Calculator

Already know how to read the DOT code? Enter it in the calculator to work out how old your tyres are.

How To Read Tyre Date Stamps

To read the date stamp on a tyre, you need to locate the DOT code.

The DOT code is a sequence of letters and numbers embossed on the sidewall of your tyre. Look for a series of characters starting with the letters “DOT”. The following four digits represent the date of production.

Understanding What The Numbers Mean

Let’s break down the numbers on this tyre date stamp sample:


Week of Manufacture

The first two digits of the date stamp indicate the week of the year when the tyre was manufactured. It ranges from “01” to “52”, representing the week number based on the calendar year.

In the above age stamp, the tyre was manufactured in the 24th week of the year.

Year of Manufacture

The last two digits of the date stamp indicate the year when the tyre was produced. In our example, “17” corresponds to the year 2017.

So, the tyre’s manufacture date based on the “2417” date stamp is in the 24th week of 2017.

Significance of Tyre Date Stamps

Knowing the manufacturing date of your tyre can help you evaluate the potential wear and tear and remaining lifespan of your tyre. Tyres that are older or have experienced prolonged exposure to harsh conditions may exhibit reduced performance and safety risks.


Being able to read tyre date stamps accurately can help you assess the age of your tyres. Regularly monitoring your tyre’s age and condition will assist you in maintaining a reliable and safe vehicle.

When it comes to tyres, always prioritise safety!

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