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Worry-free driving with TyreDog TPMS

TyreDog Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Review

Do you want a reliable solution that ensures your safety and peace of mind during your travels?

Look no further than the TyreDog TPMS, your ultimate companion on the road.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the intricacies of TyreDog TPMS, exploring its features, models, pros and cons, and helping you make an informed decision to keep your tyres in perfect shape.

Pros & Cons

Rating 4.0/5


  • Sensors come with replaceable 3V CR1632 batteries
  • Low sensor battery indicator for convenience
  • Compact colour LCD display powered by a 12V cigarette plug
  • Audible and visual alerts for abnormal tyre pressure
  • Vibration alert for tyre abnormalities
  • Measures pressure in PSI, KPA, BAR, or kg/cm2
  • Alerts for excessive tyre temperature
  • Wide pressure range, some models support up to 180 PSI
  • Anti-theft secure fit rings
  • Generous 2-year warranty


  • Professional installation is required
  • Sensors can be damaged during tyre mounting or by sharp objects
  • Sensors have a limited lifespan of around 5-7 years
  • Monitor mounting bracket fragile

TyreDog TPMS systems employ a direct TPMS design, meaning each tyre has a sensor that measures tyre pressure and temperature directly.

These sensors transmit data to a central receiver unit, which displays the information on a user-friendly dashboard display.

TyreDog TPMS systems offer various models to cater to different vehicles and needs.

TyreDog TPMS Models


TyreDog TPMS model with 4 external sensors

Suitable for passenger vehicles, 4x4s, and light commercial vans, this model features external type sensors that screw onto the valve stem.

It uses replaceable 3V CR1632 batteries, provides audible and visual alerts, and measures pressure in multiple units, including PSI, KPA, BAR, or kg/cm2.

TD-1000A-I4 Internal TPMS

TyreDog TPMS model with 4 internal sensors

Recommended for cars, vans, and 4x4s, this internal sensor model offers adjustable mounting angles, replaceable 3V CR2032 batteries, temperature alerts, and a 2-year warranty.

TD-1460A-X4 Colour Screen TPMS

TyreDog Colour Screen TPMS model with 4 external sensors

This model operates with a 12V cigarette plug, features a compact colour LCD screen, and comes with anti-theft rings for added security.

It’s suitable for passenger cars, 4x4 vehicles, and light commercial vans anti-theft rings for added security.

It’s suitable for passenger cars, 4x4 vehicles, and light commercial vans.

TD-1800F-X4 Tyre Pressure and Vibration Monitoring System

TyreDog TPMS model with 4 external sensors

This model is designed for car, van and 4x4 use, offering vibration alerts for detecting tyre and rim abnormalities, making it ideal for safety-conscious drivers.

TD-1800-I4 Internal Tyre Pressure And Vibration Monitoring System

TyreDog TPMS model with 4 internal sensors

Similar to the previous model, this internal sensor version provides the same features, including vibration alerts, in a compact package.

TD-2700F-M4 External Motorhome And Campervan TPMS

TyreDog TPMS model with 6 external sensors

Tailored for motorhomes, campervans, and light commercial vehicles, this model monitors a broader pressure range, up to 180 PSI, ensuring compatibility with larger vehicles.

TD-2700F-X02 External TPMS

TyreDog TPMS model with 12 external sensors

This versatile model suits various vehicles, including passenger vehicles, trucks, and trailers.

It offers the ability to monitor between 2 and 36 tyres, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

TD-2700F-X6+8 Truck & Trailer TPMS

TyreDog TPMS model with up to 34 sensors

Designed for trucks and trailers, this model can monitor up to 34 wheels, providing extensive coverage for heavy-duty vehicles.

Features Comparison Table

Feature TDA-4C TD-1000 A-14 TD-1460 A-X4 TD-1800 F-X4 TD-1800–14 TD-2700 F-M4 TD-2700 F-X02 TD-2700 F-X6+8
Number of Sensors 4 4 4 4 4 4 to 6 2 to 12 14 to 34
Sensor Type External Internal External External Internal External External External
Temperature Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
High/Low Pressure Warning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Real-time Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leak Detection
Solar-powered Display
Anti-theft Sensors Yes Yes Yes

Common Issues Reported By Users

Product Robustness

Some users have expressed concerns about the robustness of the product, indicating that it may not be as sturdy as expected.

Monitor Bracket Durability

The monitor holding bracket has been reported to be fragile, with instances of it breaking quickly due to the use of inexpensive plastic materials.

Faulty Sensors

A few users have experienced issues with faulty sensors, leading to inaccuracies in tyre pressure readings.


Some users have noted that the system may not be responsive, with tyre pressure numbers failing to update during driving.

Lack Of Malfunction Indication

There have been reports of a major safety issue where the receiver does not notify users if a sensor is not functioning correctly.

Slow Updates

In some cases, users have found the system to be slow to update, and occasionally, it may not update at all.


While TyreDog TPMS is generally accurate, some users have reported discrepancies in readings.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A TPMS System

Vehicle Compatibility

Ensure that the system you choose is compatible with your specific vehicle.

Check the TyreDog website for compatibility information.

Driving Conditions

If you frequently drive in extreme conditions, such as off-road terrain or cold weather, select a robust TPMS system that can withstand such challenges.


While TyreDog TPMS systems are reasonably priced, take into account the overall cost, including installation and potential sensor replacements.

Preferred Features

Consider which features are most important to you, whether it’s a colour display, temperature monitoring, or leak detection.


TyreDog TPMS is a practical and reliable ally on the road, offering accurate tyre pressure and temperature monitoring at an affordable price.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or tackling off-road adventures, the peace of mind it provides is invaluable.

TyreDog TPMS systems cater to a wide range of vehicles and needs, making them a versatile choice for drivers.

While some users have reported issues, the overall performance and features make the brand a worthy addition to your vehicle’s toolkit.

Ensure your tyres are properly inflated and embark on your journeys with confidence, thanks to TyreDog TPMS.

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