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Are 35 Inch Tyres Legal In QLD/NSW/Victoria? [Answered]

Are you one of the many off-road enthusiasts who wonder if fitting 35-inch tyres on their vehicles is legal?

This topic of tyre size legality is a common concern among off-roaders. The answer to this question, though, isn’t straightforward.

But don’t stress out! We’re here to help you find answers!


In Queensland, the maximum increase in combined wheel and tyre diameter allowed is plus 15mm or minus 26mm for passenger vehicles, but 50mm for 4WDs.

The tyres must not protrude from the bodywork and should comply with the regulations concerning wheel width and steering limit stops.

If you carefully measure and select 35-inch tyres that meet these requirements, ensuring they fit within the allowed diameter increase and comply with other regulations, then fitting them on your vehicle would be legal in Queensland.

However, installing such tyres without meeting these regulations would be considered illegal.

New South Wales

In NSW, wheels up to 26mm wider than the manufacturer’s specified wheels can be fitted without notification.

The increase in wheel track cannot exceed 25mm beyond the manufacturer’s specifications, and the new wheel and tyre combination should not exceed 50mm beyond the largest diameter given by the manufacturer (for 4x4 vehicles).

If you carefully check the guidelines and ensure that fitting the 35-inch tyres falls within the allowable limits set by the NSW regulations and does not impact speedometer accuracy excessively, then it would be legal to fit them on your vehicle.

On the other hand, exceeding the allowed limits or affecting the speedometer’s accuracy would be a violation of the regulations.


In Victoria, the maximum width of any replacement rim cannot exceed 25mm or one inch more than the widest wheel specified by the manufacturer.

The overall diameter of the rim should not exceed 15mm beyond the specifications, and it should not interfere with the bodywork or suspension of the vehicle.

If you choose to upgrade to 35-inch tyres, you need to carefully measure and select tyres that comply with the maximum width and diameter limits, ensuring they do not interfere with the bodywork or suspension.

Fitting 35-inch tyres within these regulations would be legal in Victoria.

Nevertheless, going against these rules by exceeding the prescribed limits would be considered illegal.

Government Laws And Penalties

Regulations regarding tyre sizes and modifications are set by the government authorities responsible for road safety in each state. These laws aim to establish standards that minimise risks and promote safe driving conditions.

If you fail to comply with the regulations, you may face penalties and fines. The exact penalties can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the state in which the offence occurs.

Using tyres that are not within the legal limits can also affect your insurance coverage in the event of an accident.


The legality of fitting 35-inch tyres in QLD, NSW, and Victoria depends on the specific regulations in each state.

It’s always better to familiarise yourself with the laws in your state and ensure compliance to enjoy the benefits of having these bigger tyres while avoiding any legal issues.

Use this helpful PDF to visualise how all of the different rules interact with each other.

Want to experience the thrill of 35-inch tyres? Gear up by knowing the legalities in advance!

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