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A detailed shot of a Hankook tyre mounted on a vehicle

Where Are Hankook Tyres Made?

Have you already used Hankook tyres on your car? Do you know where they are made?

Hankook Tyre, a renowned tyre manufacturer, has factories in several countries to meet the global demand for their high-quality tyres.

Let’s take a closer look at their major manufacturing locations.

South Korea

Hankook tyre was founded in South Korea back in 1941, making it one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the country.

The company’s headquarters is still located in Seoul, South Korea. This is where the journey of Hankook tyres began, and it remains a significant hub for tyre production and research and development.

The United States

In addition to South Korea, Hankook tyre has a substantial manufacturing presence in the United States.

One of its notable factories is located in Clarksville, Tennessee. This factory serves as a key production facility for supplying Hankook tyres to the North American market.


Hankook tyre also boasts a manufacturing plant in Germany.

Known for their precision engineering, the tyres manufactured here cater to the European market and uphold Hankook’s reputation for quality and innovation.


China is another significant player in Hankook’s global manufacturing network.

The company has established manufacturing plants in Jiangsu and Jiaxing, further solidifying its presence in the Asian market. These factories contribute to the production of tyres aimed at both domestic and international markets in Asia.


The company has a manufacturing plant in Cikarang, Indonesia, which serves as a regional hub for tyre production. This plant plays an important role in Hankook’s export operations to Asian, North American, and Middle East countries.


This factory caters to the European market, producing a wide range of tyres tailored to the diverse needs of European consumers.

The Hungarian facility exemplifies Hankook’s commitment to delivering top-quality tyres globally.

Hankook Tyres In Australia

While not officially disclosed, Hankook tyres sold in Australia are most likely produced in one of the company’s Asian facilities - namely South Korea, China or Indonesia.


Hankook Tyres’ global network of manufacturing sites ensures that they can meet the tyre demands of customers worldwide.

The company’s commitment to quality and excellence is consistent across all its production facilities.

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