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A close-up photo of a globally recognized tyre, Yokohama

Where Are Yokohama Tyres Made?

Which countries produce the famous Yokohama tyres?

Known for their performance and durability, Yokohama tyres are a popular choice among drivers worldwide.

But have you ever wondered where these exceptional tyres are made? Read on to find out!


Yokohama Rubber Company, the proud manufacturer of Yokohama tyres, was founded in 1917 in the vibrant city of Yokohama, Japan.

With over a century of expertise, the company continues to uphold its legacy of producing top-tier tyres.

United States

Yokohama’s presence in the United States has been instrumental in meeting the demands of the American market.

The company established manufacturing facilities in Virginia and Mississippi, bringing the excellence of Japanese engineering to American roads.


Yokohama’s global reach extends to Russia, where the company operates a state-of-the-art tyre manufacturing plant.

This strategic location allows Yokohama to efficiently cater to the European market’s specific requirements.


In Southeast Asia, Yokohama’s presence is prominent in Thailand.

The company’s investment in this country demonstrates its commitment to providing high-quality tyres to the Southeast Asian market, where diverse road conditions demand reliable and durable solutions.


This strategic location allows Yokohama to efficiently serve various markets and ensure a steady supply of tyres worldwide.

The manufacturing site in China adheres to the same rigorous standards applied across its manufacturing sites, ensuring consistent quality no matter where you drive.

Yokohama Tyres For Australia

When it comes to Yokohama tyres for the Australian market, the majority of these tyres are sourced from Asian countries like Thailand and China.

These factories in Asia are equipped to produce tyres that meet the specific requirements and preferences of Australian drivers.


For top-notch tyres that combine performance, durability, and innovation, Yokohama Tyres is a brand that leaves a lasting impression.

Now that you know where they are made, you can better trust the quality that comes with every Yokohama tyre you choose.

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