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Where Are Maxxis Tyres Made?

Curious about the origin of the top-quality Maxxis tyres?

Maxxis tyres are crafted with precision and care in various factories worldwide, strategically located to cater to different markets.

These production facilities play a crucial role in ensuring that Maxxis maintains its reputation for excellence in the tyre industry.


Taiwan is the company’s home base and the site of its flagship manufacturing plant. This facility serves as the nucleus of innovation, setting the benchmark for Maxxis’ tyre production quality.


China hosts one of Maxxis’ major manufacturing hubs. The country’s vast infrastructure and skilled workforce enable Maxxis to meet the growing demand for its products in Asian and international markets.

Thailand and Vietnam

Maxxis operates manufacturing plants in both Thailand and Vietnam. These Southeast Asian facilities are strategically positioned to cater to the region’s flourishing automotive and tyre markets.


This facility not only serves the Indian market but also contributes to Maxxis’ global production capacity. The Indian plant reflects Maxxis’ adaptability and commitment to serving diverse markets efficiently.

United States

Maxxis extends its manufacturing footprint to the United States.This facility ensures a steady supply of high-quality tyres for consumers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in North America and beyond.

The Netherlands and Germany

Maxxis maintains manufacturing plants in the Netherlands and Germany to cater to the European market. These European facilities emphasise precision and quality, meeting the rigorous standards set by the European automotive industry.

Tyres For The Australian Market

When it comes to supplying tyres to the Australian market, Maxxis predominantly relies on its Asian manufacturing plants.

This strategic choice makes sense because these factories are in proximity to Australia, minimising transportation costs and reducing the environmental footprint associated with shipping tyres over long distances.


Maxxis’s journey from its origins in Taiwan to its global manufacturing presence is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

With factories strategically placed around the world, Maxxis ensures that drivers everywhere can experience the quality and reliability that have become synonymous with its name.

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