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285/75R16 vs 305/70R16 - Can You Swap Them? [Metric/Inches]

Curious about the differences between 285/75R16 and 305/70R16 tyres? Do you want to know if it’s possible to interchange these sizes without encountering any issues?

If you’re in search of solutions to these questions, we’re here to help.

Let’s take a closer look at their key differences and determine if you can swap them.

285/75R16 vs 305/70R16 - Comparison Table

Diameter833.9mm (32.8")833.4mm (32.8")-0.1%
Revolutions Per KM381.7381.90.1%

The table below shows the speedometer correction required, depending on which tyre size you are changing to.

Speedo Reading
Actual Speed
Actual Speed
20 km/h20.01 km/h19.99 km/h
40 km/h40.02 km/h39.98 km/h
60 km/h60.04 km/h59.96 km/h
80 km/h80.05 km/h79.95 km/h
100 km/h100.06 km/h99.94 km/h


The diameter of a tyre plays a crucial role in ensuring proper fitment.

The 285/75R16 has a diameter of 833.9mm (32.8) inches, while the 305/70R16 measures slightly smaller at 833.4mm (32.8 inches).

The difference of -0.1% indicates that the overall size of the tyres is very similar, which means they occupy a similar amount of space and have similar clearance.

The marginal difference is not significant enough to cause any clearance issues when fitting them on the same wheel size.

As the difference in diameter is far less than the legal limits (15mm or 50mm depending on vehicle type) in the VSB regulations, you can legally swap between these tyre sizes.


For the 285/75R16, the sidewall measures 213.8mm, whereas the 305/70R16 has a slightly lower sidewall height of 213.5mm.

The slight difference of -0.1% implies that the sidewall height is nearly identical, meaning both tyres have a similar amount of flexibility and impact absorption.

Again, the variation is minimal, and swapping between these sizes should not raise any concerns about height differences.


The circumference of a tyre impacts various aspects, including speedometer accuracy and overall performance.

In the case of the 285/75R16, the circumference measures 2,620mm, while the 305/70R16 has a slightly shorter circumference of 2,618mm.

With a difference of -0.1%, the two tyre sizes have almost the same circumference, indicating that they cover a similar distance when rolling.

This slight variation should not affect the performance or drivability of your vehicle when swapping between these sizes.

Revs Per Kilometre & Speedometer Correction

The number of revolutions per kilometre and speedometer accuracy are important considerations when swapping tyre sizes.

The 285/75R16 has undergoes 381.7 revolutions per kilometre, whereas the 305/70R16 measures slightly higher at 381.9. The difference of 0.1% implies that the number of tyre rotations is very similar between the two sizes.

Although there is a small difference, it is negligible and should not have a noticeable impact on your vehicle’s performance or speedometer accuracy.

Based on the speedometer correction table, the difference in speedometer readings between the two tyre sizes is minimal. This means swapping between the 285/75R16 and the 305/70R16 will not result in any significant discrepancies in speedometer accuracy.

Note: If your vehicle is a Hilux, Amarok or Prado 150, check out our vehicle specific guides on the largest legal tyre size for your ride.

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