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Image highlighting a head-to-head comparison between Kumho and Falken tyres

Kumho vs Falken - Which To Buy In Australia?

Which tyres should you invest in for your vehicle? Kumho or Falken?

Kumho hails from South Korea and has earned a reputation for producing reliable and affordable tyres. Falken, which originated in Japan, positions itself as a brand that balances performance with affordability.

Both companies have a presence in the automotive world, but which one is the better choice for your specific needs? Let’s take a closer look at the two brands in this comparison.

Budget Tyres

Kumho Solus TA71

The Kumho Solus TA71 is a versatile, budget-friendly option. It performs well in both wet and dry conditions and offers a quiet and comfortable ride.

If you’re looking for a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality, the Solus TA71 is worth considering.

Falken Ziex ZE914 EcoRun

Falken’s Ziex ZE914 EcoRun also falls into the budget category.

What sets it apart is its focus on fuel efficiency. It features a low rolling resistance compound, which translates to reduced fuel consumption.

If saving on fuel costs is a priority, the Ziex ZE914 EcoRun is a strong contender.

High-Performance Tyres

Kumho Ecsta XS2

If you’re a fan of high-performance driving, the Kumho Ecsta XS2 should pique your interest. This tyre offers exceptional grip and handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Additionally, it maintains a comfortable and quiet ride, making it a top choice for enthusiasts.

Falken Azenis FK510

Falken’s Azenis FK510 is another high-performance gem. It boasts excellent grip and handling capabilities and is known for its durability, allowing it to withstand spirited driving.

If you demand the utmost performance from your tyres, the Azenis FK510 won’t disappoint.

All-Terrain Tyres

Kumho Crugen HT51

For those who need tyres that can handle both paved and unpaved roads, the Kumho Crugen HT51 fits the bill.

This all-terrain option offers a smooth and quiet ride while maintaining solid performance on various surfaces.

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

Falken’s Wildpeak A/T3W is another solid all-terrain choice.

It not only excels on paved and unpaved roads but also exhibits impressive durability, making it suitable for off-road adventures.

If versatility is key, the Wildpeak A/T3W deserves consideration.

Mud Terrain Tyres

Kumho Road Venture MT51

When the terrain gets tough and muddy, the Kumho Road Venture MT51 shines.

This mud terrain tyre offers exceptional traction in challenging conditions.

It’s also built to last, able to handle heavy off-road use.

Falken Wildpeak M/T01

Falken’s Wildpeak M/T01, despite being a mud-terrain tyre, manages to offer a comfortable and quiet ride.

It combines off-road prowess with on-road comfort, making it a unique choice for those who occasionally venture into the mud.


Both Kumho and Falken offer a diverse range of tyres to cater to various consumer needs.

When it comes to budget-friendly and all-terrain tyres, Kumho shines. On the other hand, Falken takes the lead in the high-performance and mud-terrain categories.

Whether you prioritise fuel efficiency, high-speed handling, off-road adventures, or a smooth daily commute, both brands have tyres that can fulfil your needs.

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