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High-performance Chinese tyres known for their quality

Where Are Winrun Tyres Made?

Have you heard of the tyre brand Winrun?

A relatively young player in the tyre industry, Winrun has been making waves in the market for nearly 15 years. While they may not be as well-established as some of the industry giants, the brand is rapidly expanding its presence.

Let’s explore their major factories worldwide.


Winrun is a fast-growing Chinese brand that has made significant strides in the tyre industry over the past 15 years.

The company’s roots are deeply embedded in China, where it all began. The majority of Winrun’s manufacturing operations are still concentrated in the country.

Here, they have established several state-of-the-art factories dedicated to producing high-quality tyres for various markets worldwide.


While Winrun may not have the same level of recognition as some of the industry giants, they are steadily expanding their presence in Western markets.

In particular, Winrun has set its sights on North America and Germany. Their merger with a well-established tyre company in Germany has propelled them into a prominent position in the European tyre market.

With several manufacturing facilities in Germany, Winrun is now strategically positioned to serve Western markets.


Apart from their strong presence in China and Europe, Winrun also operates factories in Thailand and other East-Asian countries.

These facilities contribute to their global production capacity and ensure a steady supply of high-quality tyres to meet customer demands worldwide.

Winrun Tyres In Australia

For those wondering where Winrun Tyres’ Australian market supply originates, it’s safe to say that it likely comes from their Chinese manufacturing facilities.

While the company is making efforts to expand into Western markets, the bulk of their tyre production still happens in China.


Winrun Tyres, despite its relatively short history in the industry, has established a global presence with its production facilities.

With a strategic focus on expanding into key regions and collaborating with established tyre manufacturers, Winrun Tyres is poised for further growth and success in the global tyre industry.

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