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Tyre plug used for repairing a puncture in a tyre

Are Tyre Plugs Legal In Australia?

Have you ever found yourself stranded with a flat tyre, desperately in need of a quick fix?

Using tyre plugs might have crossed your mind. But hold up! Is using them a legal way to repair your tyre? Let’s find out!

The answer is no. Tyre plugs are illegal in Australia because they are not considered a safe and permanent repair.

While they might seem like a convenient solution for punctured tyres, several factors make them an unacceptable choice for road safety.

Most contemporary tyres are constructed using steel belts positioned under the tread. These steel belts provide the tyre with strength and stability, which are crucial for safe and efficient driving.

When a tyre plug is used to repair a puncture in such a tyre, a potentially hazardous situation can arise.

Another critical factor contributing to the illegality of tyre plugs is their limited application. Tyre plugs can only be used to repair punctures in the tread area of the tyre.

Any punctures occurring in the sidewall or shoulder of the tyre cannot be repaired with a plug, and any attempt to do so is considered illegal.

Alternatives To Tyre Plugs

Patch Repair

If the damage is repairable, the technician will use a patch repair method, which is a more permanent and safer repair than a simple plug.

The technician will remove the tyre from the wheel and apply a patch to the inside of the tyre, covering the puncture. This patch is then vulcanised to the tyre, creating a strong and long-lasting repair.

Tyre Replacement

In cases where the tyre damage is too severe for repair, the safest and legal option is to replace the tyre entirely.

While this might seem like a more significant expense, it ensures that you have a tyre in optimal condition, reducing the risk of catastrophic tyre failure.


To ensure your safety and adhere to the law, it’s best to see a tyre fitter when faced with a punctured tyre.

Whether they perform a patch repair or recommend tyre replacement, know that you’ll leave with your tyres in a safe and legal state.

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