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Kumho and Continental tyre analysis

Kumho vs Continental - Which To Choose In Australia?

Torn between Kumho and Continental tyres?

Kumho, a South Korean company, specialises in affordable, reliable tyres for various vehicles and driving conditions.

Continental, originating from Germany, is renowned for its premium-quality tyres, featuring advanced technology for top-notch performance and safety.

Let’s break down their comparison into four main categories: budget, high-performance, all-terrain, and mud-terrain.

Budget Tyres

Kumho Ecsta HS51

Kumho’s Ecsta HS51 is a budget-friendly tyre designed for passenger cars. It’s an all-season tyre known for its commendable grip and handling capabilities.

Whether you’re navigating wet or dry roads, this tyre offers a comfortable and reliable driving experience.

Continental ContiEcoContact 5

Continental’s ContiEcoContact 5 is another budget-conscious choice.

What sets it apart is its focus on fuel efficiency. If you’re looking to save on fuel costs without compromising on safety or tread life, this tyre is a noteworthy option.

High-Performance Tyres

Kumho Ecsta V730

If you own a sports car or a high-performance sedan, the Kumho Ecsta V730 is tailored to deliver outstanding grip and handling, especially in dry and wet conditions.

It’s a summer tyre that enthusiasts appreciate for its precise control.

Continental SportContact 7

Continental’s SportContact 7 takes high-performance to the next level.

Crafted for sports cars and supercars, this ultra-high-performance summer tyre boasts extreme grip and handling, ensuring a thrilling driving experience, rain or shine.

All-Terrain Tyres

Kumho Crugen HP91

For SUVs and light trucks, the Kumho Crugen HP91 is an excellent choice. It offers reliable traction on both paved and unpaved roads, and it does so with minimal noise, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful ride.

Continental CrossContact LX25

Continental’s CrossContact LX25 is a top-tier all-terrain tyre for SUVs and light trucks. It excels in both on-road and off-road conditions, providing exceptional performance and extended tread life.

If versatility is your priority, this tyre is worth considering.

Mud-Terrain Tyres

Kumho Road Venture MT51

When it’s time to tackle mud, snow, or sand, the Kumho Road Venture MT51 shines.

Designed for SUVs and light trucks, it features an aggressive tread pattern that ensures superior traction in challenging terrain.

Continental TerraContact A/T2

Continental’s TerraContact A/T2 is your go-to mud-terrain tyre for all-around performance.

Whether you’re on-road or off-road, this tyre provides durability and reliability. It’s built to withstand demanding conditions while maintaining excellent traction.


The choice between Kumho and Continental ultimately depends on your specific requirements.

If you’re seeking a wallet-friendly option with respectable performance, Kumho offers a compelling range of choices.

On the other hand, if you prioritise premium quality and are willing to invest in the very best, Continental stands out as a top-tier option.

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that both brands offer quality options for Australian roads.

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