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Toyota Hilux offroad driving

Biggest Legal Tyres For Hilux In Australia - What Size?

Thinking about putting some bigger tyres on your Toyota Hilux? Wondering what the biggest legal tyre size is for your model?

Before you run out and buy some enormous tyres to put on your ute, it's worth brushing up on the legalities of increasing your tyre diameter from the stock size.

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VSB 14 - Tyre Size Guidelines

In most Australian states, the VSB 14 regulations dictate the legality of vehicle modifications.

As we know from these regulations, standard passenger vehicle tyre diameter can only be increased by 15mm from the diameter designated by the manufacturer for that model.

For 4WD passenger and goods vehicles designed for off-road use, that allowance increases to 50mm more than the diameter designated for that model (regardless of lift).

This legislation evolves and changes regularly. It is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicle complies with the relevant legislation in your state.

To calculate the maximum legal tyre size for your Hilux, select whether your vehicle is subject to 15mm or 50mm diameter restrictions, and enter the tyre size on the placard found on the driver's side door.

What Size Tyres Can I Fit On My Hilux?

For your reference, here are some common Hilux models along with their manufacturer recommended size and legal maximum size. Note that this table assumes a maximum diameter increase of 50mm (as is standard for 4WDs).

Model Manufacturer Size Max Legal Size
2022 Hilux 2.8 D-4D - Diesel 265/65R17 275/70R17
2021 Hilux 2.4 D-4D - Diesel 225/70R17 225/80R17
2020 Hilux 2.7 VVT-i 2WD - Petrol 215/65R16 235/70R16
2018 Hilux 4.0 VVT-i 4WD - Petrol 265/65R17 275/70R17

If you want to do the calculations yourself, here's how.

First, you'll need to calculate the diameter of the manufacturer recommended tyres for your vehicle. The diameter is the sum of the wheel/rim size plus 2 times the sidewall size (all in millimetres).

If your stock tyre size is 265/65R17, your sidewall size will be:

Sidewall size = 265mm x 0.65 = 172.25mm

Your wheel/rim size is simply the conversion of the 17 inches into millimetres:

Rim size = 17 inches x 25.4 mm/inch = 431.8mm

Therefore, your stock tyre diameter is:

Stock tyre diameter = (2 x 172.25mm) + 431.8mm = 776.3mm

If you have a 4WD Hilux, your maximum legal tyre diameter as per VSB 14 will be the stock diameter plus 50mm.

Max tyre diameter = 776.3mm + 50mm = 826.3mm

Now, you just need to find a tyre size with a diameter less than 826.3mm (but as close as possible).

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