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Punctured run flat tyres on the road

Can Run Flat Tyres Be Repaired?

Is run-flat tyre repair possible?

Let’s take a look at whether it’s possible to repair runflats once they’ve been punctured, and whether it’s a good idea for your vehicle.

Are Run Flat Tyres Repairable?

Let’s get straight to the point.

Yes, run-flat tyres can be repaired, but it’s not as straightforward as fixing a regular tyre.

The repairability of run-flat tyres depends on various factors, including the tyre’s condition, the type of puncture, and most importantly, the manufacturer's recommendations.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Different tyre manufacturers have varying policies on repairing run flat tyres.

It’s important to always refer to the tyre manufacturer’s recommendations on repairs, as they can vary significantly.

Some manufacturers, like Continental and Yokohama, take a strict stance against repairing run-flat tyres. They not only discourage it but also explicitly state that they do not repair run-flats.

So, if you have tyres from these brands, it’s a clear ‘no’ from the manufacturers.

On the other hand, manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear do permit the repair of run-flat tyres, but with additional provisions or under specific circumstances.

These manufacturers acknowledge that repairs are possible, but they emphasise the importance of following their guidelines to ensure safety and performance.

Factors Influencing Repairability

Puncture Size

The size of the puncture is a critical factor. Small punctures are more likely to be repairable than larger ones.

Puncture Location

The location of the puncture is also crucial. Punctures in the tread area are generally easier to repair compared to those in the shoulder or sidewall.

Number Of Repairs

Some manufacturers may specify a limit on the number of repairs a run-flat tyre can undergo. Each repair typically reduces the tyre’s speed rating, affecting its performance.

Age And Wear

The age and wear of the tyre role in repairability. Older or heavily worn run-flat tyres may not be suitable candidates for repair.

Speed Rating

Each repair can lower the speed rating of the tyre. Therefore, if you often drive at high speeds, it’s crucial to consider whether a repaired run-flat tyre will still meet your performance needs.

The Repair Process

When a run-flat tyre is deemed repairable, the repair process typically involves removing the tyre from the wheel, inspecting it for damage, and then repairing the puncture from the inside using a patch or plug.

A qualified technician should always perform this process to ensure the safety and performance of the tyre.


Run-flat tyres offer the convenience of mobility even after a puncture, but their repairability depends on various factors.

Proper maintenance and timely inspection are crucial for the longevity of run-flat tyres. When in doubt, seek advice from a local tyre fitter.

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