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Where Are Michelin Tyres Made?

Interested in the origin of those top-notch Michelin tyres?

If you’re like many tyre enthusiasts, you’ll appreciate the importance of knowing where your tyres come from, as it can shed light on their quality and reliability.

Let’s find out where Michelin manufactures their tyres, with a keen eye on the Australian market.


Michelin’s roots lie in Europe, with its headquarters situated in Clermont-Ferrand, France. This picturesque city in central France has been the heart of Michelin’s operations since its establishment.

In addition to France, Michelin has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and the United Kingdom. These strategically located factories allow Michelin to serve the European market effectively.

North America

Michelin has a strong presence in North America, with manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada.

The United States houses several Michelin factories, including those in South Carolina and Alabama. These facilities contribute to Michelin’s ability to meet the tyre needs of the North American market.

South America

In Brazil, Michelin has established manufacturing facilities to cater to the South American market. This strategic presence allows Michelin to provide tyres to a diverse range of customers in the region.


As we move to Asia, we find Michelin’s manufacturing prowess extending across several countries. Thailand, Japan, and India play key roles in producing Michelin tyres.

These Asian factories contribute significantly to the brand’s presence in the Asia Pacific region, where Michelin is known for delivering top-tier tyres.

Tyres Tailored To Australia

When it comes to Michelin tyres for the Australian market, there’s a bit of ambiguity.

While Michelin operates a manufacturing plant in Thailand, which primarily produces tyres for the Asia-Pacific region, it’s not explicitly clear if this factory is used for the Australian market.

However, given its proximity and capacity, it’s plausible that Michelin uses its Thai and Japanese plants to meet the tyre needs of Australian drivers.


Michelin’s extensive global presence underscores its commitment to delivering top-quality tyres to consumers worldwide, making it a trusted name in the tyre industry.

With Michelin tyres, you can trust that they are the product of meticulous craftsmanship from various corners of the world, delivering on the promise of safety and reliability.

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