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Pile of tyre awaiting proper disposal through recycling

How To Dispose Of Tyres Properly In Australia?

Are you faced with the daunting task of disposing of your old tyres?

Tyres are a major environmental concern, taking up considerable space in landfills and posing risks to the ecosystem due to the release of harmful pollutants as they degrade.

Let's explore the various methods for disposing of old tyres responsibly, with a particular focus on tyre recycling.

Tyre Disposal Options

Tyre Recycling Facility

When it comes to eco-friendly tyre disposal, a tyre recycling facility is your best choice. These facilities have the expertise and equipment to break down tyres into reusable materials, such as rubber, steel, and wire.

By opting for this option, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact of discarded tyres.

Finding a nearby tyre recycling facility is relatively easy. A quick online search or contacting your local council should provide you with the necessary information.

Remember that choosing this environmentally responsible method can make a significant difference.

Tyre Fitting Shop

If you’re purchasing new tyres or have recently replaced your old ones at a tyre fitting shop, you’re in luck.

Many tyre fitting shops offer tyre recycling services either for free or for a nominal fee. This convenient option not only saves you the hassle of finding a recycling facility but also ensures your old tyres are disposed of properly.


While not the most eco-friendly choice, taking your old tyres to a landfill may be necessary in some cases. If you cannot locate a nearby recycling facility or tyre fitting shop that accepts old tyres, a landfill may be your only option.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that the landfill follows proper disposal procedures to prevent the release of harmful pollutants.

How To Recycle Tyres

Tyre recycling is a sustainable solution to the tyre disposal problem. The recycling process breaks down tyres into valuable materials that can be reused in various industries.

For instance, the rubber can be transformed into new tyres, shoes, and other products, while the steel and wire can be repurposed for items like fence posts and nails.

Recycling not only helps you get rid of old tyres responsibly but also reduces the overall environmental impact.

By choosing to recycle, you contribute to conserving resources and mitigating the pollution caused by tyre disposal.


Properly disposing of old tyres in Australia is essential for the environment.

Whether you choose to take your old tyres to a recycling facility, a tyre fitting shop, or, as a last resort, a landfill, always prioritise responsible disposal.

By doing so, you’re not only complying with environmental regulations but also actively contributing to a cleaner, greener Australia.

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