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Where Are Dunlop Tyres Made?

Wondering where Dunlop tyres are actually made?

As a trusted brand with a global presence, it’s important to know where the products you rely on are manufactured.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the key manufacturing sites for Dunlop tyres.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom proudly hosts one of Dunlop Tyres’ manufacturing centres.

Here, within state-of-the-art facilities, a wide spectrum of high-performance and exceptionally durable tyres is produced, solidifying Dunlop’s reputation for quality.

The United States

Crossing the Atlantic, Dunlop Tyres extends its influence into the United States.

Within American shores, advanced manufacturing units operate tirelessly, churning out a diverse range of top-tier tyres. These facilities are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and tyre excellence.

Thailand, China, And Japan

In the landscape of Asia, Dunlop Tyres maintains a robust presence through manufacturing facilities in Thailand, China, and Japan.

These strategic hubs play a vital role in serving both the local Asian market and the global arena. They are distinguished by their operational efficiency and capacity to cater to regional tyre preferences.

France And Germany

In the heart of Europe, Dunlop Tyres establishes manufacturing strongholds in France and Germany.

These factories adhere to stringent quality standards, consistently delivering premium tyres that align with the demands of the discerning European market, emphasising performance and safety.

Dunlop Tyres In Australia

While the specifics of the factory responsible for crafting Dunlop tyres for the Austrian market are not officially disclosed, it is highly likely that the company sources these tyres from one of its well-equipped Asian facilities—Thailand, China, or Japan.


Dunlop’s tyre manufacturing prowess is truly global, with production plants strategically located to serve diverse markets worldwide.

This blend of international production contributes to Dunlop’s reputation as a trusted and worldwide tyre manufacturer.

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