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Where Are Kumho Tyres Made?

Ever driven with Kumho tyres and wondered where they’re from?

Kumho boasts a vast global presence, with manufacturing facilities spread across multiple continents.

Let’s take a closer look at its origins and major manufacturing facilities.

South Korea

The origins of Kumho Tyres can be traced back to their beginnings in South Korea. The company’s roots are deeply embedded in this country, and it remains a significant hub for manufacturing.

The South Korea plants are known for producing a substantial portion of Kumho’s tyre inventory, ensuring a consistent supply to markets around the world.


China, with its vast industrial capacity, is another important player in Kumho’s manufacturing network.

The Chinese plants contribute significantly to Kumho’s global tyre production. The strategic location of these facilities allows Kumho to efficiently cater to the Asia-Pacific region.


Kumho’s footprint in Vietnam has been steadily growing. The manufacturing facilities in Vietnam help diversify production locations.

This ensures that Kumho tyres remain readily available to customers worldwide.

United States

To meet the demands of the American market, Kumho has established manufacturing facilities in the United States.

While these plants primarily serve the North American market, they may also contribute to the production of tyres for other regions when needed.

Kumho Tyres For Australia

When it comes to supplying tyres to Australia, Kumho primarily relies on its South Korea plants.

These factories are known for their commitment to quality and innovation, making them the ideal choice for producing tyres that meet the high standards of the Australian market.

However, depending on factors such as availability, demand fluctuations, and cost considerations, Kumho may also source tyres for the Australian market from their Chinese or Vietnamese plants.


Kumho Tyres’ commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Whether you’re driving on Kumho tyres in Australia or elsewhere, you can trust in the brand’s dedication to producing high-performance, reliable tyres.

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