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Recommended 265/70R16 Tyre Pressure [P/LT]

Wondering what pressure is right for your 265/70R16 tyres?

If you want to know what pressure is needed to support a certain load, refer to the Load Capacity By Tyre Pressure section below.

If you want to know the manufacturer recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle, select your vehicle from the list in the Vehicles With 265/70R16 Tyres below to find the correct tyre pressure.

Load Capacity By Tyre Pressure

The table below has a list of load and speed index combinations commonly found with the 265/70R16 size in Australia.

For Light Truck (LT) tyres with a dual load index (eg. 117/114), refer to the row relevant to your setup (ie. 117 if you are using single tyres per wheel, or 114 if you are using 2 tyres per wheel).

Load capacity per tyre at various inflation pressures

Tyre Size
Speed Indexes
30 psi32 psi34 psi36 psi38 psi40 psi42 psi
265/70 R16 110
920 kg955 kg1,007 kg1,060 kg------
265/70 R16 111
950 kg985 kg1,036 kg1,090 kg------
265/70 R16 112
975 kg1,010 kg1,065 kg1,120 kg------
265/70 R16 114
1,025 kg1,065 kg1,122 kg1,180 kg------
265/70 R16 115
1,055 kg1,095 kg1,155 kg1,215 kg------
265/70 R16 116 XL
965 kg1,000 kg1,055 kg1,110 kg1,145 kg1,202 kg1,250 kg
265/70 R16 117
1,120 kg1,160 kg1,222 kg1,285 kg------
265/70 R16 121
1,260 kg1,310 kg1,378 kg1,450 kg------

Data sourced from ETRTO Standards Manuals.

Data for informational purposes only. Tyre Geek takes no responsibility for consequences of using this data.

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